This area is devoted to sharing the process of creating the dances in this project and on choreographic practice in general.  I am trying to present an index of what it is like to go through the process of making a dance.  This is a site for anyone who is interested in making or viewing dance. I hope it will be attractive to audience members to experience the ways in which making a dance parallels the process of watching a dance where the continual erasure of fixed moments is a method of construction. I will try to track the choreographic actions and thinking around making these four works and the permutations of the material as it progresses. I will also delve into some larger thoughts around process in general.  Please know that this is not a project to canonize myself as an artist by making my journal public, but rather an attempt to reveal some of the ways in which choreographic process functions. I am committed to contributing what I can to mitigate the “I don’t get it” response to dance. You do get it. You just need a place to validate that. I hope to explore how choreography acts outside the directives of language. For me a common misunderstanding in dance is created through an imbalanced relationship between the surface material of a dance—its visual information, stylistic references, even mimetic inclinations—and the internal networks and processes that churn these into ever evolving relational constellations.  Each image or “sign” in a dance is shaped by the presences that precede and follow it.  The force of this inevitable temporal onslaught disarms images from any hope for singularity of meaning.  The desire to name things is  overwhelmed by a river of shifting moments. Images are only readable relative to each other in the forward push of time. By trying to share the internal motors of the process  I would like to make these ideas more vivid.

I hope this site will help dispel some of the unknowns around how dances progress from ideation to embodiment with some specific applications of daily practice and scientific research methods applied to poetics. I really welcome requests for clarification. I am not a writer and can get muddled but between us perhaps we can come to some understandings. I also hope other artists might share processes that do or do not align with mine. And, people who don’t identify as artists might be able to look at and share the nature of any creative act they are engaged in as a lens for us all.

So do respond. I will be posting through January 2014.